Keeping your vehicle in top shape is our goal at Pacific Shine. We can help you make a habit of taking good care of your car, van, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle. Contact us to put together a custom washing and detailing plan tailored to your needs to keep your vehicle looking its best. And, in between services, use these tips to help you take care of your ride, inside and out.

Tips for keeping your vehicle looking its best

Mitch Greenberg details a porsche


  • As much as possible, protect your vehicle’s finish from the elements, either by storing it in a garage or covered area or using a cover. Constant exposure to sunlight and other environmental hazards will cause deterioration and require significantly more cosmetic maintenance.
  • Avoiding scratches is the secret to keeping your car looking good. Dirt and grime, rubbed in while washing or drying, will act like sandpaper and dull your car’s paint.
  • There is one basic rule, which will guide you whenever you touch the surface of your automobile: Anything that comes in contact with your car’s finish should be soft. Do not use a beach towel when drying your car since this can cause micro-scratches and be quite harmful to the finish. Use a chamois.
  • Always keep a good coat of wax or paint sealant on the car. In addition to providing gloss and depth, wax will also protect your car from the elements, including sunlight and many other circumstances that you will encounter, from bugs to bird droppings.
  • If you run your finger along your paint surface and it doesn’t feel smooth, it is time for a detail.

Interior car care detail by Mitch Greenberg


  • A clean car, both inside and out, can help you and your family stay healthy. Even for the occasional driver, time spent behind the wheel leads to dust, dirt, food, and grease building up on the surface of anything anyone touches or adjusts within the vehicle. This makes for ideal breeding conditions for mold and/or bacteria. Pacific Shine offers the Interior Detail for areas like door handles, areas behind the steering wheel, seatbelt buckles, and basically everything you might touch inside the car.
  • In winter, reverse your floor mats, leaving the rubber side up. This will help keep water, leaves, and debris from staining the carpet side of the mat.
  • Attention Parents: To preserve your leather seats and keep your car’s interior healthy looking, place a towel under your child’s car seat to prevent creases, cracking, etc.
  • If you have a large number of keys on your key ring, you are putting a strain on your ignition switch, as well as having the potential for scratching your steering column.

You take care of your car and your car will take care of you.